NORDMECCANICA VACUUM “N-Gen™”: Industry changing innovation in Vacuum Metallization


NORDMECCANICA VACUUM “N-Gen™”: Industry changing innovation in Vacuum Metallization

Introducing N-Gen™ the evolutions of the product range of Nordmeccanica Vacuum Metallizers. A platform of Metallizers covering widths from 1300 mm to 3600 mm. In a fast-changing industry vacuum metallization became one of the focal points of the most advanced packaging innovation. Market trends and the introduction of new packaging technologies required the vacuum metallizer to be evolved into a new generation. Reducing change over time, improving performances, bringing output quality to new levels, boosting machine flexibility of use up to new levels have been identified as targets. We, at Nordmeccanica, did it and the result is: N-Gen™.

It took the creativity and know-how of the team behind the Vacuum Division of Nordmeccanica. A team made by technologists acknowledged by the industry as the top experts in our industry, supported by the technological and industrial strength of the world leading manufacturing Group in the converting machinery industry.
The newly evolved N-Gen™ product range features all of the most advanced technical solutions and allows for top of the industry performances in productivity and quality on traditional materials. As well the N-Gen™ product line has been conceived to offer nothing but the excellence in handling substrates that are less conventional in metallization such as Polyethylene and cast Polyolefin for mono-materials sustainable packaging. On the high barrier side, the fastest growing segment in metallization, the focus has been on proprietary “Multizone Barrier+Bond™” and metal oxides (AlOx) offering superior performances and the fastest set-up time. The range of applications is then completed with technologies covering : holograms; security; functional films using non-conventional coatings, ZnS and copper in example. Last but not least: paper, the material that, because of sustainable packaging, is experiencing exponential demand growth.

It is not a generic product upgrade, it is the unfolding of a new era. N-Gen™ is Vacuum Metallization made simpler, offering superior quality output for the fastest ROI ever featured in the industry, guaranteed to deliver performances through time. The Nordmeccanica unique machine design approach at its best.

Put our claims on N-Gen™ to the test. Come and visit our Demo Center for a custom run on your own substrates and compare.

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