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Vacuum Metallization and adhesive lamination demonstrated at Nordmeccanica
The Open House at Nordmeccanica Vacuum was definitely a total success. During the 4 days of the event over 200 guests from 4 continents enjoyed official presentation of the entirely redesigned line of Vacuum metallizers. The event proposed the demonstration of a PowerMet 2.9 m (115”) wide metallizer, sold to the Italian leading converter Manucor. A second demonstration featured the deposition of AlOx (aluminum oxide) on a PET film on a 1300mm ( 51”) wide metallizer. Each day was concluded with a visit to the coating lamination division of Nordmeccanica for a seminar on barrier coating and a demonstration of thin foil lamination. The lamination demonstration featured a 5 micron foil (.000196”)provided by Hydro laminated to printed PET for those customers interested in lamination.

The newly redesigned family of Vacuum metallizers is engineered for incredibly fast production cycles and top of the industry output. The new design incorporates innovative solutions allowing for unsurpassed ergonomics, ease of use, scrap reduction and energy savings. The new product line has been designed in accordance to the Nordmeccanica group technological guidelines. Additional custom demonstrations are available upon request.

For additional information on the newly redesigned line of Vacuum Metallizers, as well as the entire product line of coaters and laminators, please contact your local Nordmeccanica office.

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