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Nordmeccanica today announces its appointment of Redfern Machinery as their new UK agent, bringing together Nordmeccanica’s reputation as global market leader in coating and laminating with Redfern’s longstanding experience selling machinery to companies across the UK and worldwide.

The partnership will allow Nordmeccanica to more widely connect with UK companies of all types and sizes, building on Redfern’s reputation for excellence, extensive network and engineering capabilities. The two companies will focus on raising the profile of Nordmeccanica’s coating and laminating excellence and metallizing innovations, which offer integrated solutions for multiple industry requirements, including food packaging, brand protection and security, photovoltaics and energy conservation. Formerly dealing only in used machinery this is Redfern’s first agency appointment, although the company has had numerous offers in the past.

Richard Redfern, Managing Director of Redfern Machinery, said: “We have never considered taking an agency before, however the opportunity to work with the world leader in coating and laminating was not one we wanted to miss. We are delighted to be representing Nordmeccanica, and look forward to bringing a fresh perspective and new value to UK customers. Our aim is to broker the best deals possible to ensure that UK companies have the best quality machines with which to compete in the global market.” Antonio Cerciello, President of Nordmeccanica, said: “We welcome Redfern into Nordmeccanica. This partnership is a great opportunity for us to connect more deeply with our UK customers and to better understand their needs.”

Redfern Machinery has been a specialist used machinery agent and broker in the converting and flexible packaging industry since 2000, dealing in coating and laminating machinery, metallizers, flexographic presses, slitter rewinders, bag machinery and more. The company is family owned, and known for its core values of integrity, calm, respect, reliability and approachability.

Nordmeccanica is the largest global manufacturer of coating and laminating and metallizing machinery, with an estimate 70% global market share and more than 3300 installations worldwide. Product range covers an extensive number of technologies from the very compact family of Simplex laminators to the top range of Full Automatic/High Performance coaters-laminators as well as metallizers for films and paper.

Luciano Baldin, Sales Area Manager Nordmeccanica
email:, phone +39 0523 596411
Jos Redfern, Operations Director Redfern Machinery
email: accounts@redfernmachinery, phone +44 1204 300495

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