Vacuum Metallizer NordMet Plus 12-16 Image

NordMet Plus 12-16

  • Proven metallizing technology powered by Nordmeccanica experience and organization
  • Unique ergonomic and operator friendly solutions such as the proprietary retractable deposition system
  • Unmatched performance achieved by use of the most effcient Vacuum system
  • Evaporation system designed to achieve the highest coating rate
  • Innovative rewinding technology for reliable handling of all substrates
Coating Width
1250 / 1650 mm
Reel Diameter
Ø 1000mm
Mechanical Speed
960 m/min.
Boats Number
15 / 19
Average Power Consumption
145 / 200 Kwh/h
Average Output
2700 / 3600 T/yr

Web speed up to 15m/s
Roll diameter up to 1000mm. / 40”
«Idle time» minimization

Flexibility & Productivity

Total working flexibility by design.
Usable for a variety of flm types including heat sensitive and outgassing materials.
Reliable and environmentally friendly solutions.
Easy access for cleaning.


Energy saving and Safety
Effcient control of energy consumption by tuning the power supply to the main points of use according to the actual requirement.
Ergonomic machine control and full process inspection through direct or camera-assisted view.
Easy access for system cleaning.

Energy Efficiency

Proven metallizing technology powered by Nordmeccanica
The most effcient vacuum system available in the industry
Optimized diffusion pumps position and protection from process wastes contamination
The powerful evaporation system for high metal deposition rate and uniformity

Web Handling Technology

Highly automated process and machine control
Digital and integrated control
Preventive maintenance and remote support by virtual and augmented reality technology
Data acquisition, management and cloud storage


Rewinding System

Innovative rewind system

  • Latest generation electronic system and special rollers for the most accurate tension control
  • Effcient material scooling through large diameter process drum at -15°C, post-chiller roller and exclusive “Ex.cel” gas inflow system
  • Integrated plasma treater

Vaccum System

Vacuum system designed for all productivity conditions

  • The strongest pumping system available in the industry
  • Excellent positioning of the diffusion pumps to enable maximum effciency and protection from contamination of process wastes


Structural sturdiness and simplicity of operation

  • Accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
  • Process visibility -Ergonomic control
More Vacuum Metallizer NordMet Plus 12-16 features


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