Signature Nordmeccanica Equipment World Mixer SL Image

World Mixer SL

The Mixing unit for mono and two components solvent less adhesives

Conceived and evolved to serve the needs of the solvent less lamination process.

Featuring OEM implemented data connection to the laminator.

World Mixer is now available in two sizes to comply with alternative production needs.

40 liters model
The new 40 liters reservoire model allows for unprecedented compact dimensions while providing unlimited feeding if equipped with one of the automatic reflling systems.
90 liters model
The 90 liters model is compact in dimensions and features the same reservoire dimension as the previous release.


  • Volumetric pumps
  • Removable tanks
  • Levels control
  • In-tank temperature control
  • 3 temperature control zones
  • Touch panel with evolved HMI functions
  • Digital mixing ratio setting and monitoring
  • Programmable pre-heating start
  • Built in stainless steel
  • Data connected to the Nordmeccanica laminator

Optional automatic Refilling systems

  • Gravity fed: suitable for drums
  • Gravity fed: suitable for totes
  • Pneumatic pumps: suitable for drums and totes