The history of Nordmeccanica in the last thirty years goes even with the story of the coating and laminating sector.

From the first models built in the '70s to the most recent and extraordinarily innovative Triplex SL One-Shot, Nordmeccanica has grown harmoniously between technology, production capacity and export expansion: from the initial 3,000 m2 up to the current 33,000 m2 and 65% of market share in the industry worldwide, with more than 3.900 machines installed.

40° Anniversario del Gruppo Nordmeccanica
  • The first 20 years of Nordmeccanica are characterized by the leadership of the Gasparini family.

    Between 1992 and 1998 was developed the concept of Simplex, compact solventless laminating machines. It is thanks to this type of machines that Nordmeccanica has become a leader in flexible packaging.

    1998 Antonio Cerciello takes over: The NM story begins as we know it now.

  • At Converflex Europe 98 Nordmeccanica presents the new machine versions of the Simplex family: SUPER COMBI 98 - SIMPLEX SL 98 - SUPER SIMPLEX 98 and LABO COMBI 98.

  • The new headquarters of Nordmeccanica North America was created, which, in addition to the offices already present in Argentina, brought the Group’s presence throughout the American territory.

  • At Drupa, Nordmeccanica presents the new DUPLEX COMBI LINEAR, to celebrate the Group’s 25th anniversary.

  • At the Drupa fair the ONE-SHOT is presented, a laminating machine born from the collaboration of Nordmeccanica with the Henkel Group, a leading company for the production of adhesives.

  • International technical conference: Piacenza becomes the capital of flexible packaging for a day thanks to Nordmeccanica that brought together more than 160 operators in the sector for a conference focused on food packaging.

  • The Nordmeccanica plant in China is inaugurated.

  • Nordmeccanica won the 2010 Technical Award, awarded by the American Aimcal, thanks to the innovative TRIPLEX ONE SHOT.

  • Presented in world premiere the TRIPLEX COMBI HORIZONTAL, made for the photovoltaic sector and commissioned for the Chinese market by Coveme Spa.

  • Nordmeccanica wins the “Top Investors” award, during the VI edition of China Awards.

  • Nordmeccanica expands: Inaugurated the new hall in the Piacenza headquarters.

  • Nordmeccanica celebrates its twenty-year relationship with Siemens by adopting a new and increasingly innovative platform.

    Exhibition of the new DUPLEX SL 600HD at the Drupa fair in Duesseldorf.

  • Inauguration of the new Shanghai plant, new production site of the Simplex SL range for Asia and Southeast Asia.

  • Inauguration of the Indian headquarters in Nordmeccanica and Mumbai.

  • Galileo goes to Nordmeccanica: the Group acquires the historic Tuscan company, transferring it to Piacenza and going to implement its production with metallizing machines.

  • Nordmeccanica hosts the World Packaging Summit on the occasion of the inauguration of the new metallizing machine factory, Nordmeccanica Vacuum. It will also present its new products: NORDMET and POWERMET.

  • Nordmeccanica signed an agreement with Amcor, the global packaging giant, to become the sole supplier of flexible packaging machines in the new 37 plants in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Nordmeccanica openes its new factory on the outskirts of New York, adding to the one inaugurated in 2001 in Long Island. For the occasion, converters who came to attend the inauguration are shown for the first time the solventless laminating of 5 micron aluminum sheets.

  • In Mozzate (CO) is signed the agreement between Dow Chemical and Nordmeccanica, which provides for the growth in number of machines of the Piacenza company in the R&D centers of the Dow Group, to meet the programs of innovation and development of technologies with zero environmental impact.

  • Presented the new metallizer POWERMET 28. The new machine is also the fastest in the market, coming to produce 50km of films in just over an hour.

  • At the Drupa trade fair, Nordmeccanica presents the new DUPLEX SL 1-SHOT, developed to support the new SYMBIEX technology created by the Dow Group.

  • Nordmeccanica viene premiata ai China Awards, vincendo il premio Capital Elite – Sinergia e sviluppo industriale.

  • Nordmeccanica, along with Dow, won the German Packaging Award in the category of “Best Packaging”.

  • Nordmeccanica celebrates the achievement of 40 years of activity. All the major customers of the Nordmeccanica Group attend the event.

  • 2019 opens with the develop of the new SUPER SIMPLEX SL e800, compact solventless solution for narrow/mid web conversion.

  • Nordmeccanica and COIM join forces to develop a new adhesive for solventless laminating.

  • During the K Show of Duesseldorf are presented the new SUPER COMBI 5000 and the restyling of the worldwide famous SUPER SIMPLEX SL.

  • First 2 episodes of the Nordmeccanica Events go LIVE on the internet, presenting the Laminating Division of the Group to the customers worldwide

  • 3rd episode of the Nordmeccanica Events. Nordmeccanica presents its Metallizing Division and the new and improved POWERMET 29F

  • Episode 4 of Nordmeccanica Events is aired, showing the new and improved version of our LINEAR. Special guest of the day, the Minister of Economic Development Mr. Giancarlo Giorgetti

  • Fifth episode of Nordmeccanica Events. Nordmeccanica shows some of the metallization processes and barrier coating technology

  • During the K Show in Duesseldorf, Nordmeccanica presented a new project to create a full recyclable high Barrier pouch, in cooperation with ExxonMobil, Henkel and a selected number of quality partners

  • Inauguration of a new plant, that will house the production of coaters and laminators for flexible and recyclable packaging