Vacuum Metallizer PowerMet 25-36 Image

PowerMet 25-36

Proven metallizing technology powered by Nordmeccanica experience and organization.

Unmatched performance achieved by use of the most effcient Vacuum system.

New evaporation system designed to achieve the highest coating rate.

Coating Width
2500 ÷ 3600 mm
Reel Diameter
Ø 1270mm
Mechanical Speed
1200 m/min.
Boats Number
32 / 36 / 42 / 44
Average Power Consumption
300/330/360/400 Kwh/h
Average Output
7000/8000/9000/10000 T/yr


Working Efficiency for maximum output

  • Web speed up to 18 m/s
  • Largest material quantity per batch
  • «Idle time» minimization owing to the powerful and innovative vacuum system, the roll position and handling convenience, the solutions for easy and safe access to cleaning, refilling and maintenance.

Vacuum system designed for all operating conditions

  • The strongest pumping system available in the industry
  • Optimized diffusion pumps positioning for the maximum capacity utilization and protection from process wastes contamination

The innovative, powerful evaporation system to complement the high speed for the maximum machine output

  • Aluminium deposition rate and uniformity among the highest in the industry
  • Special power supply system («SAE») for the optimal electrical energy utilization
  • Easy access for system cleaning, refilling etc.

The rewind system suitable for all types of material

  • Accurate tension control by means of latest generation electronic system and of special roller materials to minimize weight, friction and inertia
  • Efficient material cooling (large diameter process drum at -20°, post-chilled roller and exclusive «Ex.Ce.l» gas infl ow system)
  • Integrated plasma treater

PowerMet P

  • Designed taylored for paper metallization
  • Innovative features for easy handling of a large variety of paper surfaces
  • State of the Art design for Safety and Operability