Nordmeccanica is the largest supplier for Coating and laminating machines to converters serving the food industry. Flexible Packaging has revolutionized the way food is packaged, distributed and sold. Nordmeccanica has revolutionized how flexible packaging is converted. The implementation of industry changing innovations has grant food packaging to evolve and break through traditional packaging technologies less environmentally friendly, more energy intensive, less efficient in the product to packaging ratio. The invention of the technology that let Solvent Free adhesives become conversion friendly, in the early 80s, allowed the lamination technology that dominates the market today to evolve and expand. The introduction of a new concept of machines, compact in size, efficient in productivity, operator friendly and delivering consistent quality, triggered the expansion of market share for flexible packaging. That know how benefitted as well the positive evolution in design of custom made full automatic conversion line. Lines that have grown in productivity and energy efficiency as well.

Innovations such as the Simplex family of products, the machine family that features the largest number of attempts of imitation in the industry open the way to shorter and shorter runs. Shorter runs that let converters and brand owners reduce their inventories, opened access to flexible packaging to smaller brand owners and driven marketing for food packaging into the future with quick reaction to market trends and larger flexibility to adapt to consumer trends. The know how built around hi tech lamination solutions then gave way to use thinner and thinner webs and to increase output on custom built full automatic lines.

The Simplex family is a legendary trend setter in the industry, allowed literally thousand of converters to evolve into coating and lamination. Duplex SL, Combi Linear and Combi Horizontal set the bar for productivity and converting quality in the world of multi-ply lamination, the retort industry and every evolution of those technologies recorded in the past 35 years.