The packaging for the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest segment in our market. Requires specific know how, reliability and trust into the equipment supplier. Handling hi tech conversion for complex compounds it is not only a delicate task but as well a task that permits no mistakes. Nordmeccanica has served the pharma Industry for over 35 years. In the past 7 has been the largest supplier to converters on a global scale. Know how, Process handling, web handling, efficiency, high output, quality of the process have been the driving factors. Nordmeccanica, cooperating with not only all major leading converters but as well with other partners in the supply chain pioneered a format in machinery R&D that was another industry changing. Evolution is not only made by smart intuition, real evolution in a mature industry is fueled by harmonic evolution in all factors influencing the process.

Therefore the top levels of quality and productivity can only be achieved if chemical companies, machinery manufacturer, web manufacturers, cooperate to common targets. That is in fact one of the things we do best in Nordmeccanica. Cooperation through the value chain to offer to the industry products that are innovative and reliable at industry trend setting levels.