Combi Solutions Duplex-Triplex Combi Vertical Image

Duplex-Triplex Combi Vertical

The Combi configuration for three-layer lamination and for combined use in continuous or in register laminating/coating. Developed for solvent-free, water-based and solvent-based products with full coating heads. It offers a vertical drying tunnel for high performance and dimensional compactness.

Mechanical Speed
450 m/min.
Web Width
1100 ÷ 1800 mm
Reel Diameter
Ø 1000/1200 mm

Available with automatic splice of various reel sizes and with shaftless automatic splice.

Flexibility & Productivity

The machine offer a wide range of optionals that allow a variety of productive configurations for coating and laminating: Solvent-less; Solvent-based; Water-based; UV; EB.
It offers interchangeable coating heads: 5 Solvent-free rollers (Patented); Semiflexo; Flexo; Rotogravure; counter rotation; air blade and custom systems for special applications.
Systems of in register coating.
The Triplex configuration offers flexibility to produce both three layers laminated and two layers laminated plus a coating in line so as to combine the arrangement and the number of winders and unwinders to get the Tandem configuration.


Maximum attention to operator safety with mechanical / electrical / functional solutions responding to the most rigorous models of compliance with current regulations.

Energy Efficiency

All Nordmeccanica products are developed in accordance to the most stringent efficiency criteria and the use of state of the art technology and are characterized by extremely low energy consumption, regenerative drives and the outmost attention to energy exploitation in general.

Web Handling Technology

Nordmeccanica has first developed, and continues to perfect over time, the web handling technology that allows a reliable solventless lamination process control and the most complex laminating and coating technologies.

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