Custom Solutions

Nordmeccanica Custom Solutions

At Nordmeccanica we are able to serve custom solution in coating, laminating and vacuum metallizing, up to the most complex requirements. What sets us out of the crowd and gives us the leadership is our ability to handle custom solution with a modular approach. In the custom machinery industry this is a large revolution.

Custom built machines are a sort of “one of a kind”, prone to every limit that a custom made design at pure prototype level may show. Playing with modular components allows us to design extremely custom set up featuring the same reliability of one of our standard models. This is another aspect that makes us different.

Nordmeccanica Custom Solutions

Custom built machines, and in our industry even “standard” ones, are completed at the final installation site. The average machinery manufacturer in fact builds machine components that are set together, wired, and finally tested, only at the customer factory. That fuels extremely longer installation, longer set up and quality failures, not to talk about reliability.

No matter of the complexity and the size every Nordmeccanica product is fully assembled, wired, finished and tested at the factory before disassembly and shipment. It is not about the cost of implementing such steps, quality is not a cost, is about the ability to stay behind our products and properly serve your customers.

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